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Pathophysiology of High red blood cell count.

Before understanding effect of High Red Blood Cell Count let’s See what is Normal Range of RBC. The Normal range of red blood cells in our body for male is 4.3 to 5.5 million per micro liter (µL) and for females it is 3.9 to 5.10 million red blood cells per (µL).

Slight more count beyond this range may not be causing any disease or may not cause any disease symptoms. Neither with such slight fluctuation causes any disease.

While a high RBC count may cause following serious conditions

1. Blockage of blood capillaries can cause stroke.

2. Heart attack.

3. Pulmonary embolism.

4. Liver and spleen enlargement.

Following limit for rise in hemoglobin can be considered as an alarm sign for initiating treatment.

Alert of raised Hemoglobin for male 16.6 Gm/Dl.

Alert of raised Hemoglobin for Female 15 Gm /dL for women.

Fluctuation of red blood cell count from normal range to lower side may be because of loss of blood or other disease conditions like Anemia. Kidney chronic kidney disease. Or deficiency of iron and Folic acid or Vitamin B12.

Increased Red blood cell count High RBC count in our body can be due to many factors, few of them are mentioned below.

1.Fibrosis in the lungs tissue: Causes hypoxia and as a positive feedback mechanism the Red blood cell count increases.

2.Heart failure that causes hypoxia.

3.COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

4.Hypoxia due to various other reasons. Hemoglobin deficiency.

5.Staying at high altitude where oxygen level in air is low.

6.Not drinking enough water that leads to low body blood volume, dehydration.

7.Exposure to carbon monoxide.

8.Sleep apnea, leading to hypoxia.

Hypoxia deficiency of oxygen in our body is one of the important factors that triggers production of erythropoietin which in turn stimulates stem cells in bone marrow for production of red blood cells to enhance the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

Red blood cells increased count due to external factors.

9.Smoking: Can occlude the lung tissue and can cause a drop in the oxygen level causing hypoxia.

10. Drug induced High red blood cell count: Can be due to anabolic steroid drugs and higher dosage of erythropoietin. Higher dose of iron food supplement.

11. Stress induced increase in red blood cell count.

Red blood cells increased count due to disease conditions.

1.Cancer of Kidney. Cancerous growth of Renal cortex peritubular cells which also produce the hormone erythropoietin. The excessive erythropoietin section leads to excessive production of red blood cells from stem cells in the bone marrow.

2.Liver cancer. Liver cells also produce erythropoietin in minute amounts in the event of cancerous growth of these cells; it also triggers production of erythropoietin as in the case of kidney cancer and liver cancer increases red blood cell count.

3. Polycythemia Vera: Is a blood cancer where the red blood cells keep on growing in number. The hematocrit value and hemoglobin is also increased in patients affected with Polycythemia Vera. The hemoglobin gets increased. Polycythemia Vera is a manageable disease with frequent phlebotomy and medicines.

Hemoglobin Value in Polycythemia Vera: For men if it goes greater than 18.5 g/dL and for female if it goes beyond 16.5 Gm/DL.

Hematocrit value Polycythemia Vera: 35 to 47 % in women and 43 to 53 % in men

Hydroxyurea the drug that slows down the production of rbc is given to patients affected with polycythemia vera. Along with phlebotomy that is withdrawing calculated amount of blood from patient.

What one should do if he has a higher RBC count.

It’s important to identify the underlying cause of increased red blood cells are due to hypoxia driven or due to hyper activation of kidney tissue or liver. Or is it due to drug induced?

After which the doctor can provide treatment.

High Red Blood Cell Count
 Disc Shaped Red Blood Cells RBC do not contain nucleus.
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