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Drugs Causing Birth Defects

Drug that causes birth defects. Birth defects are caused when pregnant women take medicines listed below and various other unknown reasons. There are some medicines which are necessary for some women. They must take medicine for maintaining health. For example medicines for asthma and epilepsy cannot be stopped. But the very same medicines can cause […]

Clean Room Validation in Pharmaceutical Industry how to do

Clean Room Validation how it’s done different requirements of clean Room Validation from particle Count to Microbial Count Limits methods to do it? Validation is an important activity in Pharmaceutical Industry, it impart trust on the process and inturn the product manufactured. For doing validation of clean room, unless all the installed equipment are validated, […]

How to reduce cholesterol medicines for increased cholesterol

How to reduce cholesterol? Why medicines are used to Lower high cholesterol ? Which medicines are given to treat hypercholesterolemina ? Higher level of cholesterol in body is very dangerous as it may block coronary arteries and may cause heart failure, cholesterol tend to form fatty plaques in veins and arteries, which when dislodged may occlude blood […]

Live bacteria Virus used for treatment of diseases

Do you know that there are some diseases which can only be treated by injecting live bacteria and virus at the point of disease. Bladder Cancer treatment with live atenuated microorganisms Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG).  Gene Therapy assited by live virus vector, Novel Drug Delivery System. One of such disease is bladder cancer which is treated […]

Yoga boost immunity against Corona Virus Infection

How to protect yourself from recurrent serge of Corona Verients?  Yoga Pranayam Make Lungs Stronger and Benifits Protecting body from Infections like Corona virus. Yoga boost immunity against corona Infection. We have seen Millions of people lost their lives to Corona Virus Pandemic.Which started in 2019 in China and after claiming life of millions of […]

New Drug A Live Virus Carrying Gene, A Gene Therapy approved by USFDA for treatment of Bladder Cancer that is non metastatic and don’t respond to other treatments like BCG

Novel drug Adstiladrin that delivers genes through a live virus vector, approved by USFDA for treatment of non-muscle invasive  Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG)-unresponsive bladder cancer. This month the US FDA has approved a novel drug, a gene therapy that makes use of a live virus (vector) which carries the gene and delivers it to the point […]

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