How to protect yourself from recurrent serge of Corona Verients? 

Yoga Pranayam Make Lungs Stronger and Benifits Protecting body from Infections like Corona virus.

Yoga boost immunity against corona Infection.

We have seen Millions of people lost their lives to Corona Virus Pandemic.Which started in 2019 in China and after claiming life of millions of people. With various mutations like Delta Omicron and so on. The Corona Virus is still a deadly virus infection. Medicines like Remdisavir, Interferons and Monoclonal antibodies and treatment Plasma Therapy, ect are still not yielding satisfactory results. Unlike other viral infections which are controlled with medicine and antiviral drugs.

There are some people who even after getting infection with Corona Virus various strains dont get serious Disease. The COVID 19, there immunity against the Corona Virus is very strong.

Every one can achieve state of good immunity by increasing their body strength. This can be done by ancient India Practice of Yoga.

Yoga improved helth of HIV Positive People

Yoga boost immunity against corona Infection too

In a study conducted by Ambika Yoga Kutir Thane, Maharashtra, India. It was found after regular yoga practice for three months HIV positive people were benefitted, along with there Anti Retroviral Drug therapy. Some patients HIV viral count were reduced to the undetectable level. CD4 count were improved. Yoga boost immunity against corona Infection too. 

Same age old Indian practice of Yoga can help the world to protect their lives from Various Virulent Strains of Corona Virus infection.From developing to COVID 19. Since both Corona virus and HIV virus belong to same group Retroviurs. 

Yoga boost immunity, increase the response of our body to protect us from any kind of infectious agents. Yoga and Pranayama, makes our lungs stronger. 

Some people live far better life practicing Yoga routinely. There is a scientific phenomenon happening in the person who do Yoga, their mental and physical strength get boost which boosts immunity as well.

It’s found that people of age greater that 70 and doing regular Yoga have protected their lives from the deadly Corona Pandemic.

Inorder to protect our life from day by day mutant Corona Virus varients infections Yoga will definitely help.

Yoga tought on road side shops and online is not authentic, you should visist and enroll with Indian Government Ayush Mantralaya approved Yoga schools and enrol for level 1 stydy and learn it scientific manner as practiced by Ancient Yogis.

How to find Yoga institutes which teaches Scientific Yoga as practiced by ancient Saints and Muni’s

In Mumbai Maharashtra, there is one such Institute Ambika Yoga Kutir Thane Maharashtra India, which provides Yoga Training for free, you should visit them and enroll yourself. Teach o tohers also.and protect lives from Corona Virus varients.


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