Who guide lines for Pharmaceutical manufactureres

I hope you all are liking my posts on Who Guideline for Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers ,rather for a WHO GMP pharamceutical manufacturing plant.
I have posted my earlier posts about.
1.Cleaning validation and its Sop. i have given in details required for validation for cleaning.
2.I have writen about Water System Validation , i have given a sample of water system validation report and protocol.
3.I have posted about Air Handling Systems .and also some who guide lines on injectables .
Just chill your self and and brows through my posts you will find almost every thing you want .More over you can ask me for a specific topic , i will like to prvide you the details here.
My intrest of topic is pharmaceuticals ,and research , i am also writing on HIV , AIDS ,research , if any new thing developed , you will see this on website

In coming posts i am going to write about
Master Manufacturing Document .
Master Formula Card.
Master Formula Record.
If you have any thing to shair , please do write me on, i will be happy to post it.
Following are some of articles which;will be useful for you in further understanding of aspects of sterile dosage form manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Validation

Cleen Room Classification

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Clinical Trials

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