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New Drug approved by USFDA for Type 1 Diabetes

USFDA approves new drug that halts progression of Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a very severe type of diabetes, type 1 diabetes patient’s pancreases produce very little of negligible amount of insulin which makes them diabetic, therefore patients affected with type 1 diabetes are required to take insulin injections throughout their lifetime. One […]

What are Antibodies, Poly clonal Antibodies ,Monoclonal antibodies

What are Antibodies, Poly clonal Antibodies, Monoclonal antibodies and how they are produced , what are their applications in medicine AntibodiesAntibodies immunoglobulins (abbreviation Ig) which are proteins mainly gamma globulin proteins .Antibodies are found in blood and serum or body fluids of vertebrates. Antibodies are a part of immune system vertebrates which impart immunity against any […]

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