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USFDA approves first drug Inmazeb to treat Ebola Virus Infection

US FDA approved first drug to treat Ebola Virus Infection (zaire ebolavirus) . So far there was no drug treatment available for Ebola virus infection, and Ebola virus infection is more deadly than Corona Virus ( SARS-COV-2 )  The patient infected with the Ebola Virus would start bleeding from the skin, and the the virus too […]

Vector vaccine against Ebola under way

Vaccine for Ebola Virus: Vaccine against Ebola virus is under development, Vaccine Research Center in united states is in the process of developing a vaccine with collaboration of Okairos ( GSK ) this vaccine is an investigational vaccine it is a vector vaccine.Vector is a suitable microorganism, like bacteria or virus (bacteriophages), which is used […]

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