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Clean Room Validation Recovery test

How a recovery test is done during validation of AHU/clean room in pharmaceutical manufacturing? Recovery test in AHU or clean room validation is a test where the ability of the clean room or AHU to maintain the level of cleanliness or the particle count below the rated classification limit. In the process clean room is […]

Clean Room Validation in Pharmaceutical Industry how to do

Clean Room Validation how it’s done different requirements of clean Room Validation from particle Count to Microbial Count Limits methods to do it? Validation is an important activity in Pharmaceutical Industry, it impart trust on the process and inturn the product manufactured. For doing validation of clean room, unless all the installed equipment are validated, […]

Clean Room Validation Microbial Count Limits

Microbial action limits for clean room

Clean Room Validation Microbial Count Limits method settle plate contact plate viable bacterial fungal count limits frequency of validation. Classification of clean rooms in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies is part of validation activity, a clean room is designed to provide the desired level of clean grade environment. but it’s rated only to a particular grade after […]

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