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Biological Indicators usage inspection sterile drug manufacturing facility audit questionnaire

Questionnaire for biological Indicators usage, inspection in sterile drug manufacturing facility. BIOLOGICAL INDICATOR USAGE 1. What type of indicator is used (e.g., inoculated carrier, inoculated product, inoculated simulated product, etc.).?2. Is the source of the indicator commercial ( what is brand name and manufacturer ) or prepared in-house? (Identify supplier of organism, describe means of propagation and […]


BIOLOGICAL INDICATORS RESISTANCE PERFORMANCE TESTS Remove three specimens of the relevant biological indicator from their original individual containers.Disperse the paper into component fibers by placing the test specimens in a sterile 250-mL cup of a suitable blender containing 100 mL of chilled, sterilized Purified Water and blending for 3 to 5 minutes to achieve a […]

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