Stem cell Banking

May 23, 2023

What is stem cell Banking?

Preserve your Childs stem cells in stem cell banks through stem cell banking it helps in critical illness like cancer and nerve damage organ repair tissue regeneration.

Stem cell banking is a process of collecting umbilical cord stem cells of newly born baby and preserving it in a very low temperature. Stem cells can be preserved for years as long as you want to preserve them.

There is one time cost for preserving the stem cells. But this is very useful and lifesaving. Stem cell Banking can prove a lifesaving gift to your child.

If any disease related to any body tissue occurs, body tissue is not developed properly or get damage. Damage occurs to body organ or body tissue, in such events these stem cells are used to regenerate those body tissue and organs. This is great life protection method it gives second life to your child.

There are many companies which provide services for stem cell banking, of which LifeCell is giving services for longer time and has good service reputation, in India.

Umbilical cord blood cell use in regeneration of damaged tissue.

Umbilical cord is rich in stem cells. Hence it is a rich source of one’s stem cells. It can be preserved very easily for years. Stem cells are cells which can give rise to any kind of tissue or organ tissue in the body. Stem cells are of great importance in regenerative medicine.

A stem cell preserved just after the birth can be very useful even after 75 years. In event a person gets any kind of disease these preseved stem cells can be used to treat. In event there is lack of development of any tissue damage to any tissue including nervous tissue.

When stem cells are injected in bone marrow they will take care of defective blood cells. Defective blood cells can be removed out from the circulation by injecting stem cells in bone marrow.

In event a person gets some accidental damage of any muscle tissue. The stem cells preserved in his childhood can be used to inject at the damaged site. After which these stem cells multiply and develop into the particular tissue regenerating the new tissue even the white blood cells as well.

If any organ is damaged like pancreases, the stem cells preserved in childhood can be used to regenerate the pancreases and control diabetes.

Stem cells are also used in faster repair of the damaged tissues. In case of diabetes foot injury the wound do not get healed faster. The preserve cord blood stem cells are used to inject at the site of injury after which faster regeneration of tissue for faster recovery.

Stem cell Banking
Stem cell Banking for tissue regeneration

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