Dementia treatment Sildenafil Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia treatment with Sildenafil Multivitamin Multimineral 

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease condition associated with aging and is very critical in some patients, patients tend to forget things even their adress and homes in old age.

Dementia treatment with Sildenafil Multivitamin Multimineral
Dementia treatment with Sildenafil Multivitamin Multimineral


While it if found in a recent research done by National Institute of Health that, in an experimental models, stem cell derived nerve cells when added with Sildenafil it reduced the Biomarkers associated with Alzheimer’s disease, drug also increased the neurites, which enhances the communication in between two nerve cells.
This research was triggered after it was observed that patients taking Sildenafil for erectile disfunction had lower occurance of Alzheimer’s disease.Dr. Feixiong Cheng at the Cleveland Clinic have done this discovery.
Still this use of Sildenafil is not approved for the indication Alzheimer’s disease (Dementia).
There are very few treatments available for age related dementia, while none of them provide complete reversal of dementia.
The only strategy in mitigation of age related dementia remains is to prevent patients’ health from further deterioration, by providing good living conditions and food supplements.
In the latest research that tried to find out the effectiveness of vitamins and minerals in improving cognition.
An NIH-funded research team led by Drs. Laura Baker and Mark Espeland at Wake Forest University School of Medicine conducted research on 2200 patients affected with dementia in the age group of 65 and above, with an average age of 73 Years. Research was conducted for about 3 years.
It is found that patients who received multivitamin and multimineral supplements as compared to patients who were on other treatments like Cocoa extract, and as compared to placebo, were found to maintain good cognitive scores.
Also it is found in a research that Sildenafil which is used as a male erectile dysfunction drug also helps in reducing dementia.
What is Alzheimer’s Disease dementia :
Why dementia occurs:
Current available treatments of Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia.
Factors affect mental health and dementia in old age.

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