Ringer solution for intravenous Injection formulation aspects how to calculate milli equivalance for labe claim .
1. “Injection should not be used if it contains visible solid particle”.
This preparation is used in tetretment extracellular volume depletion, sodium depletion, dehydration, concentration, infused is 0.9% which is isotonic with plasm, 0.45% is infused in conjunction with dextrose. Hypertonic solution 3 – 5 % is used in emergency condition of Na-depletion, Kcl is infused in case of acute hypocalaemia, it is infused along with Nacl and dextrose, used as source of k+, kcl is highly irritant during administration case has to be taken for extra vasatation, ca-gluconate is less irritant used in such cond’n.

Ringer solution for intravenous Injection contains not less than 0.82% not no more than 0.89% w/v ; not less than 0.0285% and n.m.t.0.0315% w/v kcl and N.L.T. 0.03 % w/v of Ca++ N.M.T. 0.036% w/v of calcium chloride .2H2O it contains no. antimicrobial agents.

Ingredients Qty taken for study

Sodium chloride 4.64 gm.
Potassium chloride 0.162 gm.
Calcium 8.171 gm.
Water for injection QS 540ml.

Manufacturing Procedure: Dissolve the ingredients in water for in jet filter until clear sterilize by heating in autoclave, filter thorough 0.20 micron or G-3 sentered glass filter

PH = 5 to 7.5

Storage: Stored in single dose container of glass or plastic.
Route of administration: Intravenous.
Category: Fluid and electrolyte replanihser.
Label should state mill.eqivalent of ions per liter.

How to calculate milliequivalent of Ions in given
Eq. wt = At Wt or Mol Wt /Valancy of salt = 1000 milli eq. wt.

Milli equiventent ofions in salt is Equivalent weight of ions expressed in miligram.
Mol wt of Nacl — 58.5g.
Therefore 58.5 gm.Nacl = 23 gm. Na+
Therefore 8.6gm. Nacl = 3.338gm.

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