plasmapheresis treatment kidney transplant successful

Kidney transplant will see more success rate than earlier.

Patients suffering from kidney failure are required to go for treatment like regular dialysis and kidney transplant, and that to be not all kidney transplants are successful , 1 out of every 3 kidney transplants are rejected by patients body (because of patients immune system) , it is because of the human body recognizes difference between its own body tissue and other persons body tissue and human body reject others persons body tissue by producing antibodies against the transplanted tissue , ultimately damaging and rejecting the transplanted kidney.

Dr. Robert A. Montgomery and his team from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have found new technique , which has shown promising method which has greatly lowered the kidney rejection and has done kidney transplants successfully with their method.

They identified that there is an antigen on cells in human called as human leukocyte antigen, a person sensitized by human leukocyte antigen (HLA sensitized ) help human immune system to identify its own body tissue and incoming foreign tissue and trigger antibodies against transplanted kidney transplant and further leads to kidney rejection.

Therefore they developed a method to desensitize patients by filtering out anti-HLA antibodies they removed the anti-HLA antibodies from patient’s body by process of plasmapheresis. Patients were given
Low-dose intravenous immune globulin (antibody preparation made from pooled donor blood) as substitute for anti-HLA antibodies. The procedure of plasmapheresis was repeated several times before the actual kidney transplant was done , these patients were also given other immuno suppressant drugs which are normally given before kidney transplant.

More than 80% of the patients which received kidney transplant and plasmapheresis treatment were still alive after 8 years. Compared to observed lower life period for patients on either dialysis or HLA compatible kidney transplant ad dialysis.
The method is bit costly but is cost effective compared to the total other costs of regular dialysis are considered in kidney failure patients, and success rate.

What is plasmapheresis:
Plasmapheresis is a method of removing toxic or unwanted component from blood , by removing part of blood out of body and processing it in centrifuge to separate blood cells and plasma , the plasma containing toxic or unwanted antibodies is discarded and is replaced with donor plasma , albumin , or 70% albumin and 30% saline , a suitable anticoagulant drug is given to patient before the plasmapheresis procedure .

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