Text books
a. Vanitha Kale and Kishor Bhusari “ Applied Microbiology ” Himalaya Publishing house Mumbai.
b. Mary Louis Turgeon “ Immunology and Serology in Laboratory Medicines” 2nd
edition, 1996 Mosby- Year book inc St. Louis Missouri 63146.
c. Harsh Mohan, “ Text book of Pathology” 3rd edition, 1998, B-3 Ansari road Darya
ganj N. Delhi.
Reference books
a. Prescot L.M., Jarley G.P Klein D.A “Microbiology” 2nd- edition Mc Graw Hill Company Inc
b. Rawlins E.A.”Bentley’s Text Book of Pharmaceutics” B ailliere Tindals 24-28 London 1988
c. Forbisher “ Fundamentals of Microbiology” Philidelphia W.B. Saunders.
d. Prescott L.M. Jarley G.P., Klein.D.A. “ Microbiology.”2nd edition WMC Brown Publishers, Oxford. 1993
e. War Roitt, Jonathan Brostoff, David male, “ Immunology”3rd edition 1996, Mosby-year book Europe Ltd, London.

1 Introduction to the science of microbiology. Major divisions of microbial
world and Relationship among them.
2 Different methods of classification of microbes and study of Bacteria,
Fungi, virus, Rickettsiae, Spirochetes.
3 Nutritional requirements, growth and cultivation of bacteria and virus.
Study of different important media required for the growth of aerobic and
anaerobic bacteria & fungi. Differential media, enriched media and
selective media, maintenance of lab cultures.
4 Different methods used in isolation and identification of bacteria with
emphasis to different staining techniques and biochemical reactions.
Counting of bacteria -Total and Viable counting techniques.
5 Detailed study of different methods of sterilization including their merits and demerits. Sterilization methods for all pharmaceutical products.
Detailed study of sterility testing of different pharmaceutical preparations .Brief information on Validation.
6 Disinfectants- Study of disinfectants, antiseptics, fungicidal and virucidalagents factors affecting their activation and mechanism of action.
Evaluation of bactericidal, bacteristatic, , virucidal activities, evaluation of preservatives in pharmaceutical preparations.
7 Immunology- Immunity, Definition, Classification, General principles of
natural immunity, Phagocytosis, acquired immunity( active and passive ) .
Antigens, chemical nature of antigens structure and formation of
Antibodies, Antigen-Antibody reactions. Bacterial exotoxins and
endotoxins. Significance of toxoids in active immunity, Immunization
programme, and importance of booster dose.
8 Diagnostic tests : Schick’s Test, Elisa test, Western Blot test, Southern Blot PCR Widal, QBC, Mantaux Peripheral smear. Study of malarial parasite.
9 Microbial culture sensitivity Testing: Interpretation of results Principles and methods of different microbiological assays, microbiological assay of Penicillin, Streptomycin and vitamin B2 and B12. Standardisation of vaccines and sera.
10 Study of infectious diseases: Typhoid, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Cholera,
Hepatitis, Meningitis, Syphilis & Gonorrhea and HIV.

1 Study of apparatus used in experimental microbiology.
2 Sterilisation of glass ware’s. Preparation of media and sterilisation.
3 Staining techniques – Simple staining ; Gram’s staining ; Negative staining
4 Study of motility characters.
5 Enumeration of micro-organisms (Total and Viable)
6 Study of the methods of isolation of pure culture.
7 Bio chemical testing for the identification of micro-organisms.
8 Cultural sensitivity testing for some micro-organisms.
9 Sterility testing for powders and liquids.
10 Determination of minimum inhibitory concentration.
11 Microbiological assay of antibiotics by cup plate method.
12 Microbiological assay of vitamins by Turbidometric method
13 Determination of RWC.
14 Diagnostic tests for some common diseases, Widal, malarial parasite.
Indicate minor experiment & indicate major experiment

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