Formulation of Normal salaine
It is a sterile solution of sodium chloride and dextrose in water for injection. It contains not less than 90% and not less than 105% of stated amount of Nacl and dextrose.
Usual strength: Injection containing following amounts of Nacl and unhydrous dextrose.

Conc. and dosage of Nacl are determined by clinical state like age, sex, etc. 0.9% is used in Na+ and in water depletion, metabolic alkalosis, Haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, 0.4% used along c dextrose as replacement for fluid electrolyte and carbohydrate in pat ient, unable to take oral food.
Hypertonic sol’n of Nacl rarely used in emergency condition like acute Na+
Depletion Dextrose 5% used in most cases of hypoglycemic coma and cerebral edam or infused through central vein.
Solution when autoclared should not be over heated Dextrose on decomposition give 5 hydroxy furfural lave tonic acid, furfural derivative polymerizes give dark brow colour because of laveolonic acid ph is drooped below.
We should keep PH of intravenous Normal salaine between 3.5 to 6.5
Finding isotonic formulation

Nacl 0.45% Dextrose 2.5% is a Isotonic combination
It should be stored in cool place
Labeling should maintain % w/v of Nacl and dextrose concentration , concentration of Na+ and cl+ In milliequivalece per 1000 ml
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