New Tuberculosis Vaccine which is a subunit vaccine for TB developed that does not require to store at cool cold storage found the problems with live attenuated TB vaccine can be eliminated with this new vaccine.

New Tuberculosis Vaccine
Tuberculosis Bacteria live in attenuated vaccine

Tuberculosis vaccine consist of live bacteria, mycobacterium bovis, its virulence is reduced by the process of attenuation, vaccine is known to protect all forms of tuberculosis, but the vaccine itself has some serious drawbacks in some patients, because it is a live bacterial vaccine, when injected in to body it forms abbess, therefore it is required to be given in arm in over strong muscle called as deltoid muscle in shoulder.

Sometimes BCG vaccine can’t be given to people who are having positive or reactive tuberculin tests, and also some people with defective pathways for interleukin 12. And patients with suppressed immunity.

If BCG vaccine is injected in soft tissue, then it has a risk of spreading the bacteria to other parts of the body and there is risk of other organs getting damaged due to this.

While BCG vaccine is one of the best options for getting protection against TB and leprosy (up to 80%) BCG vaccine is also effective to some extent against leprosy since the leprosy bacteria is of the same genera mycobacterium. BCG vaccine is sensitive to temperature and it is always required to be stored in a cool place. Since it is a live bacterial vaccine it can’t be stored in deep cool freezers, in cold conditions.

To overcome these problems of BCG vaccine and to protect individuals with suppressed immunity, an alternative for vaccination against TB. Dr. Christopher B. Fox, Ph.D., and scientists at the Access to Advanced Health Institute (formerly the Infectious Disease Research Institute) in Seattle have developed a subunit vaccine which is developed by genetic recombinant technology, cgenetic recombinant technology, of four proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.vaccine is a thermostable vaccine. In a clinical trial 23 individuals were given the thermostable TB vaccine, and found that the new thermostable vaccine (ID93+GLA-SE) imparted strong T-cell responses and yielded more antibodies in the blood compared with people who received conventional BCG vaccine. Daniel F. Hoft, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Saint Louis University Center for Vaccine Development, led the single-site trial at the university’s School of Medicine.

This vaccine (ID93+GLA-SE) is stable against the higher temperature, can be stored at room temperature and the phase one trial of the vaccine has yielded favorable results.

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