1. Modern concept of rational drug design: A brief introduction to Quantitative Structure
Activity Relationaship (QSAR), prodrug, combinatorial chemistry and computer aided
drug design (CADD) and concept of antisense molecules.
A study of the development of the following classes of drugs including SAR, mechanism
of action, synthesis of important compounds, chemical nomenclature, brand names of
important marketed products and their side effects.
2. Anti-infective agents
a) Local anti-infective agents
b) Preservatives
c) Antifungal agents
d) Urinary tract anti-infectives
e) Antitubercular agents
f) Antiviral agents and Anti AIDS agents
g) Antiprotozoal agents
h) Anthelmentics
i) Antiscabies and Antipedicular agents
3. Sulphonamides and sulphones
4. Antimalarials
5. Antibiotics
6. Antineoplastic agents
7. Cardiovascular agents
a) Antihypertensive agents
b) Antianginal agents and vasodilators
c) Antiarrhythmic agents
d) Antihyperlipidemic agents
e) Coagulants and Anticoagulants
f) Endocrine
8. Hypoglycemic agents
9. Thyroid and Antithyroid agents
10. Diureties
11. Diagnostic agents
12. Steroidal Hormones and Adrenocorticoids

1. Assays of important drugs from the course content.
2. Preparation of medicinally important compounds or intermediates required for synthesis of drugs.
3. Monograph analysis of important drugs.
4. Determination of partition coefficients, dissociation constants and molar refractivity of compounds for QSAR analysis.
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