Presently kidney function test make use glomerular filtration rate (GRF ), in this test ability of kidney to clear creatinine from blood per unit time is measured, it may not give alert in patient with low body weight and suffering from diseases and taking drugs which affect filtration of creatinin it also depends up on various factors like age, race and muscle mass.

Therefore an apparent normal GFR in fact may be a serious alert for an onset of a serious kidney failure in some patients, in such cases many times it happens that serious kidney diseases are discovered in patients when they are at last stage.

Dr. Lesley Inker from Tufts Medical Center in Boston have developed a more precise test to evaluate kidney function by considering filtration of cystin c from blood, they have developed an equation which consider both creatinine and cystin C (creatinine-cystatin C ) to measure GRF.

By using this formula they were able to predict successfully latest onsets or early kidney disease. So that the patients can be given treatment which will focus over saving their rest of kidney function which otherwise may become adverse.

Kidney is very important organ in human body, its main function is to filter toxic metabolites from body, and maintain electrolyte and acid base balance in blood. Toxic metabolites of proteins like uria, uric acid etc are very harmful if not filtered out of body, consistent high level of these substances in blood may lead to development of various disease conditions leading to reduced life expectancy.

Blood carries all toxic metabolites from all over body tissue and while passing through glomerules in kidney which otherwise harm normal functioning of our body, it filters all proteins, and toxic material and metabolites of drug molecules, which is otherwise may harm normal function of human body if accumulated over longer period in our body. Kidney regulates electrolytes in our body, and excretes unwanted metabolites and electrolytes in urine. Kidney help in regulating blood pressure and balancing electrolyte excretion with the help of enzyme rennin and angiotensin it also produce hormones calcitriol, erythropoietin. Therefore serious defective functioning of kidney leads to very serious lifethretehning consequences.

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