Interview Preparation Pharma Company

Interview Preparation Pharma Company important questions to prepare

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Pharma Company Interview Questions and answers

Which are the important things a pharmacist or a person who want to work in a pharmaceutical company must know while going for an Interview for a job in a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Pharmaceutical production, Quality assurance or regulatory affairs.
What is Validation Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company.
Why a validated process, system or procedure is required to revalidate.
When to do revalidation.
What is validation Master Plan?
Quality Management System.
Change Management System.
How to file a deviation report?
How to file a change control?
How to do investigation of a deviation.
How to do investigation of an Incidence in pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Laboratory.
How to do investigation of market complaints.
How to decide corrective and preventive action.
How to implement a corrective and preventive action?
What is risk assessment, why it is done in pharma company, which are methodologies to ascertain risks.
How to develop and implement risk mitigation strategy.
How training is conducted how training is evaluated in Pharma Industry.
What is importance of training in Pharmaceutical manufacturing company.
Which points must be covered in any SOP. How to write a Standard operating procedure in Pharma industry?
Air handling unit AHU design and evaluation.
How to evaluate an AHU is working as per desired set standards?
Which are different classes of manufacturing area in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company.
Clean room classification in Pharma Industry.
What is sterility testing, how sterility testing is done.
What is pyrogen, which are test to detect pyrogen.
What is media fill, how media fill run is conducted in a sterile dosage form, injectable manufacturing company.
Interview Important questions and Answers for Pharmaceutical Production and Quality assurance.
Different Jobs in Pharmaceutical Industry and Job profiles in Pharmaceutical Industry.

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