These are the series of tests employed to different late E coli from Aerobacter acrogens.
I— Indole test. M– Methyl red test, v– Voges proskaver, i–> euphony
And C—> growth in citrate medium.

These two species bear a close resembalance to each other in their morphological and culture characteristics, Hence it is necessary to resort to biochemical tests for their diffrentiation.
Indole Test:- In dole is a nitrogen containing compound formed from the degradation of the amine acid tryptophan only. Certain bacteria from it and can be detected chemically usually digested products of proteins like try tone are used in the medium since they contain considerable amount of tryptophan.

Tryotophan + H2O —> Idol + Pyruvic acid

Inoculate try tone broth tubes with E coli incubate for 48 hrs. Add 0.5ml of covax’s reagent and shake, a red colour indicates +ve test Methyl red and vogues park Auer Reaction . Both the tests are considered together because, they can be performed together on the same medium and they one both of important in characterisation of gram –ve, non spore forming rods Instead of accumulating termentation products of glucose, some bacteria convert them to an informed ate subs, pyruvic acid to neutral products Co2. The formation of most easily detected neutral products is acetyl methyl carbinol or acitoin ( CH3 CO CH OH CH3 ). This test is also called as Vogues Pork Auer Reaction. Organism which so not converts acid and pdts to neutral product a final PH lower than those which do. By employing the indicator methyl red cyellow at PH ,Red at PH 4.4 ). Organisms own be distinguished, This is methyl red test. Inoculate two tubes of MRVP medium with E .coil and Aerobatic derogenes resp. Incubate for 48 hrs
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