Human papillomavirus wart treatment.

How human papillomavirus and wart is treated ? Many times warts goes away without any treatment,it may take years to vanish, while it may reoccur at other place on the skin.

There is no medicine available for wart, which when consumed cure wart or help in removal of wart. The only treatment for wart is to remove the wart with help sergical removal or with use of chemical keratolytic agents available as over the counter wart removal preprations.

Treatments for wart.

1. Over the counter corn remover ointment product that contains salicylic acid 17% w/w.

It can only be applied over the lower suface of foot and palm, where the skin is hard and the skin on dorsal surface of palm or foot is soft hence it may irritate and cuase burn over dosal suface of foot or palm.

Salicylic acid cream is applied over the hard fibrous wart keeping it for few hours, salicylic acid tend to dissolve the hardened fibrous wart as salicylic acid is keratolytic.
It may get absorbed in to sikn and blood causing acidic reaction, irrigation of blood capilaries over surrounding skin and blood vessels. Therefore it should not be applied for longer period apply it every alternate day for once a day, dicontinue if it causes severe irrigation or nause.

2. Surgical removal.

If there is ample sooe to perform sergical removal it is better to remove it with sergical removal method.
Lesser light is used in surgical removal of wart. It can cause erythema after lesser treatment, and may cause burning sensation aro around the wart tissue.

3. Cryogenic treatment for wart.

Liquid nitrogen is applied with swab over the wart. It causes shrinkage and tissue lysis which facilities the removal of wart. Tissue around the wart which is a normal skin is also slightly get damaged due to liquid nitrogen cryogenic treatment of wart.

4. Chemical peels keratolytic agents.

There are keratolytic agents like trichloro acetic acid, which is strongest acid, slightly thin layer applied over wart, it dissolve wart.

Care must be taken while handling of trichloro acetic acid, use saftety goggles, hand gloves and apply it in small film over wart.
Trichloro acetic acid, is very strong keratolytic agent. Its direct contact with hand should be avoided as it may cause burn in event of conact with bare hand.

Thioglycolic acid disloves the fibrous wart tissue it is used to treat flanter wart.

Who is at risk of getting human papillomavirus infection and wart?

1. People living with HIV, immuno compromised people

2.Children at young age, are at risk of developing warts.

3. Organ transplant patients who are on drugs which supresses Immunity.

4.Cancer patient on chemotherapy.

5.Meat handelers.

6. Genital warts spread with sexual contact.

How to protect against human papillomavirus?

Do not touch wart and touch it over other place over your own skin. Wash hands before eating. Do not put the hand portion affected with wart in your mouth as the virus may spread to internal organ.

Vaccination against human papillomavirus.

Vaccine for Human papillomavirus Treatment for Wart
Vaccine for Human papillomavirus Treatment for Wart

Vaccine are available for strains of human papillomavirus HPV those causes cervical cancer.

Vaccination against human papillomavirus HPV should be considered in childhood.
People who have not contracted with human papillomavirus get benifted from HPV vaccine. Vaccine protect from cervical cancer.

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