Camera system for Blister packing Machine. How camera system works on blister packing ?

Camera system in tablet blister packing machine is a system capable of identifying black spotted tablets, broken tablet, and unfilled pockets, or any other defective tablet, when the defective tablet or capsule goes in pocket of the blister, camera identifies these defective tablet and the same strip is the rejected removed from the blister belt by rejection mechanism.

These rejected strips can be taken and defoiled/ deblistered, and good tablets if any can be removed and rejected tablets can be destroyed.

The camera system is initially feed with the data photographs of the defective tablets or capsules and open blisters with all possible defects, black spotted tablets placed at all the blister points in the blister and these photographs are stored as data for comparison. This is called calibration of the defective samples. Along with this data of good blisters is also provided in the form of photographs. With the help of sensors and the comparison of pics camera system removes out defective tablets capsules and rejection arm ensures that these defective tablets are removed from packing line.

There are many types of sensors which are used in pharmaceutical industry which are used to remove the defective pack away from packing line with the help of rejection arm.

Different types of sensors are: 1) Photo electric sensors. 2) IR sensor 3) Lesser sensors 4) Induction. These sensors are checked for their working condition and on daily basis a challenge test is performed on the blister packing machine and verified if the deliberately added broken tablet strip blister pack is rejected from the line.

The qualification or validation of the Camera system is an exhaustive activity, which requires to challenge the camera system for blister by adding different defective samples in the feeder and verify that the defective tablet or defective capsule containing blister is rejected and removed from the line.

Following defective product is added to challenge the camera system during qualification or validation.

Broken Tablets, Different Colored tablet, different shape tablet, Black spotted tablet, Half-filled or empty pocket tablet blister.

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Camera  system for Blister Inspection system
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