Text books: (latest editions)
a. Hospital pharmacy by William .E. Hassan
b. A text book of Hospital Pharmacyby S.H.Merchant & Dr. J.S. Qadry. Revised by R.K.Goyal & R.K.
a. WHO consultative group report.
b. R.P.S. Vol.2. Part –B; Pharmacy Practice section.
c. Handbook of pharmacy – health care. Edt. Robin J Harman. The Pharmaceutical press.

3. Topics

1 Hospital – its Organisation and functions
2 Hospital pharmacy-Organisation and management
a) Organizational structure-Staff, Infrastructure & work load statistics
b) Management of materials and finance
c) Roles & responsibilities of hospital pharmacist

3 The Budget – Preparation and implementation

4 Hospital drug policy
a) Pharmacy and Therapeutic committee (PTC)
b) Hospital formulary
c) Hospital committees
– Infection committee
– Research and ethical committee
d) developing therapeutic guidelines
e) Hospital pharmacy communication – Newsletter

5 Hospital pharmacy services
a) Procurement & warehousing of drugs and Pharmaceuticals
b) Inventory control
Definition, various methods of Inventory Control
ABC, VED, EOQ, Lead time, safety stock
c) Drug distribution in the hospital
i) Individual prescription method
ii) Floor stock method
iii) Unit dose drug distribution method
d) Distribution of Narcotic and other controlled substances
e) Central sterile supply services – Role of pharmacist

6 Manufacture of Pharmaceutical preparations
a) Sterile formulations – large and small volume parenterals
b) Manufacture of Ointments, Liquids, and creams
c) Manufacturing of Tablets, granules, capsules, and powders
d) Total parenteral nutrition
7 Continuing professional development programs
Education and training
8 Radio Pharmaceuticals – Handling and packaging
9 Professional Relations and practices of hospital pharmacist

1. Assessment of drug interactions in the given prescriptions
2. Manufacture of parenteral formulations, powders.
3. Drug information queries.
4. Inventory control
Text books (Theory)
a. Practice Standards and Definitions – The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia.
b. Basic skills in interpreting laboratory data – Scott LT, American Society of Health System Pharmacists Inc.
c. Biopharmaceutics and Applied Pharmacokinetics – Leon Shargel, Prentice Hall publication.
d. A text book of Clinical Pharmacy Practice; Essential concepts and skills, Dr.G.Parthasarathi etal,
Orient Orient Langram Pvt.Ltd. ISSBN8125026
a. Australian drug information -Procedure manual. The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia.
b. Clinical Pharmacokinetics – Rowland and Tozer, Williams and Wilkins Publication.
c. Pharmaceutical statistics. Practical and clinical applications. Sanford Bolton, Marcel Dekker, Inc.

1. Definitions, development and scope of clinical pharmacy
2. Introduction to daily activities of a clinical pharmacist

a. Drug therapy monitoring (medication chart review, clinical review, pharmacist
b. Ward round participation
c. Adverse drug reaction management
d. Drug information and poisons information
e. Medication history
f. Patient counseling
g. Drug utilisation evaluation (DUE) and review (DUR)
h. Quality assurance of clinical pharmacy services

3. Patient data analysis
The patient’s case history, its structure and use in evaluation of drug therapy &
Understanding common medical abbreviations and terminologies used in clinical
4. Clinical laboratory tests used in the evaluation of disease states, and
interpretation of test results
a. Haematological, Liver function, Renal function, thyroid function tests
b. Tests associated with cardiac disorders
c. Fluid and electrolyte balance
d. Microbiological culture sensitivity tests
e. Pulmonary Function Tests
5. Drug & Poison information
a. Introduction to drug information resources available
b. Systematic approach in answering DI queries
c. Critical evaluation of drug information and literature
d. Preparation of written and verbal reports
e. Establishing a Drug Information Centre
f. Poisons information- organization & information resources
6. Pharmacovigilance
a. Scope, definition and aims of pharmacovigilance
b. Adverse drug reactions – Classification, mechanism, predisposing factors,
causality assessment [different scales used]
c. Reporting, evaluation, monitoring, preventing & management of ADRs
d. Role of pharmacist in management of ADR.
7. Communication skills, including patient counselling techniques, medication history
interview, presentation of cases.
8. Pharmaceutical care concepts
9. Critical evaluation of biomedical literature
10. Medication errors
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