Jul 2, 2023

High Cholesterol and its effect on the body.

Cholesterol is essential for the human body but excess of cholesterol is dangerous. How it’s good and how it’s bad for the human body is explained here.

Cholesterol is required for building cell walls in our body, cells of skin, internal organs, or almost every cell in our body requires cholesterol for formation of cell walls and internal organelles. Cholesterol can be termed as cement of the human body. While excess cholesterol beyond the required limit is very harmful as well.

Increased amount of cholesterol starts depositing over the inner walls of arteries forming blocks over inside the arteries and veins. The cholesterol deposits block blood flow and cause atherosclerosis.

Following are the three major life threatening outcomes of increased cholesterol.


Cardiac arrest.

Stroke and paralysis.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is sterol with chemical name Hexadecahydro-3H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthrene-3-ol it works like cement in building body tissue, it is the main constituent of the cell wall of our body cells, skin cells and body organ cells. Every cell in our body consists of cholesterol.

Cholesterol is the base for biosynthesis of steroidal hormones like Corticosteroids, progesterone and testosterone. Bile salt is also formed from cholesterol. Bile salts work as an emulsifying agent for digestion of oil and fat in the food. vitamin D is biosynthesized in our body from cholesterol. Bile acid is also biosynthesised from cholesterol.

Cholesterol is found bonded with protein peptide, therefore it is also called lipoprotein.

Cholesterol found in human body is divided into three types HDL LDL VLDL

Depending on the density of the cholesterol it is classified into three groups.

High density cholesterol HDL: The density of the cholesterol is higher means the molecular weight of the cholesterol particles is higher. It is termed as good cholesterol. As it does not deposit over the blood vessels wall. It is absorbed by tissues for body tissue growth.

Low density cholesterol LDL: The density of the cholesterol is very low hence it has tendency to settle over the places in the body and forms deposits such deposition of cholesterol is the reason for formation of sclerosis and blocks in the arteries which supply blood to brain and heart. Therefore, it is called Bad Cholesterol.

Very low density Cholesterol VLDL.

VLDL cholesterol is considered very bad to health as it too can form deposits inside the blood vessels very easily form blocks in the blood vessels, therefore it is called as Bad cholesterol. Higher the VLDL, it leads to higher LDL.

Who is at risk due to high Cholesterol?

People with low physical activity are at risk of effects of high cholesterol. Previous history of cardiac disease.

Give limits for HDL LDL and VLDL.

Cholesterol level Limits
                    Cholesterol level Limits

What is xanthelasmas ?

Plaques of cholesterol deposited over the eyelids
Xanthelasmas  Plaques of cholesterol deposited over the eyelids


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