I thought of writing about what is meant by cgmp current good manufacturing practice in pharmaceuticals manufacturing and a definition of CGMP as it is a frequently asked question to us .
GMP Guidelines definition of current good manufacturing practice
The medicine and the methods used in for production ,or the facilities , or controls used in their manufacturing process, packing, or adapting systems with those practices that will assure that such medicines meet the requirements of gmp guidelines and FDA guidelines and requirements of laws, should have identity strength quality and purity characteristics that they claim .
it is a process of manufacturing medicines by adapting process and machines which are current and are of superior quality than earlier ones .

That means we should keep our selves always adapting advancing newer and best process which will ensure good quality pharmaceuticals.
This is what we can say is current good manufacturing practice , which ever is current and better should be adapted .
I will say as a pharmacist that “a medicines which i will always produce, with at most care and will be of best and superior quality , by adapting methods to gain the best quality process and machines , and adapting best documentation process and quality assurance systems to ensure its quality, and such medicines i can too will like to administer to my kiths and kins , my family . it should be of a such good quality ” .

Sick peoples depend on us and have a felling in their mind that the tablets that they are consuming for illness will cure them.
we should keep this faith alive.
That is a simple definition of quality of a pharmaceuticals

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GMP Guidelines and definition of current good manufacturing practice(cGMP) for pharmaceuticals

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