Estimation of Polyphenol oxidase Activity

How to estimate polyphone oxidase, activity from 1) Potatoes. 2) Apples 3) Bringal.
Enzymic browning occurs in many fruits; vegetables like potatoes apples, banana. When the tissue is cut, peeled and exposed. Injured tissue rapidly dowels on exposure to air due to concession of phonemic comp to brown melanin. The enzyme that initiates this is polyphony oxidize or phenols. It is an oxidoredutase, polyphone oxidize catalyses polyphones to quinoas. Quinine formation is enzyme and O2 depends guanine undergo polymerization and progressively converted to red and brown polymers and finally to brown minims which appears at the point at injury.

Requirements: – 1% extract egad potato, apples bringer 0.2% catchall solution, phosphate buffer of PH 7.

Procedure: – Take 2 ml of catchall solution (0.2%) in a test tube and add 2.5 ml of buffer. Add 1 ml enzyme extract6, Mix thoroughly determine blank absorbance after 30 minutes at 420 nm against enzyme blank. Enzyme activity is expressed 1 unit = amount of enzyme bringing about change in 0.001 optical density under assay conditions.

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