Sir James W Black ,discoverer of propranolol and cimetidine,nobel laureate passed away on 22 march 2010 , more about him and Propranolol.

Sir James W Black a eminent doctor and pharmacologist passed away on 22 march 2010, He was awarded noble price in 1988 for his discoveries which lead to development of life saving drugs propranolol , and cimetidine

Propranolol is a beta blocker drug (beta adrenergic receptor antagonist) which is used to manage angina pectoris. , high blood pressure , migraines , this drug has helped to

Propranolol reduces the effect of adrenalin on heart , thereby protecting , patient from heart attach and high blood pressure, he was motivated to take up this research after he lost his father to heart disease.

The passion to find out the drug molecule which would prevent peoples from , bad effects of adrenalin and histamine on heart and gastric acid secretion respectively , lead him to develop life saving drugs propranolol , and cimetidine ,
Propranolol , became a big brand of ICI pharmaceutical , it was considered a great breakthrough in his time after the discovery of digitalis.

While working with Smith Kline French, Sir James Black in 1975 developed the drug cimitidine which is a h2 receptor antihistaminic drug, which has helped to treat peoples with gastric ulcers and acidity. earned millions of $ from sale form brand Tagamet for Smith Kline French..

The one and only one individual who made pharmaceutical companies richer and richer by his research.

Mode of action of propranolol.

To understand the action of propranolol we must understand how adrenalin acts on heart ,

Adrenalin (Epinephrine)

Adrenalin is a hormone and acts on beta receptors of heart muscles and there by cause stimulation and result in to increase in hear rate and contraction of blood vessels, and result in dialation of air way.


Propranolo is a beta blocker drug its molecular similarity to adrenalin at  secondary amine and 2-hydroxy group( iso propyl amino) on the molecule is at naphthyloxy group , make it structurally and stereochemicaly fit for competitive blocking of beta receptors on heart .Its napthyl hydroxyl ring contributes to membrane stabilizing effect.

We dedicate this post to Sir James W Black in his honour.

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