determine the agglutinin titer in sample of serum.

How to determine the agglutinin titer in the given sample of serum.

Agglutinins against o-antigens of salmonella group of organisms are determined quantitatively employing killed suspensions of salmonella typhi, Agglutination titers of 1:240 and above are indicative of typhoid fever.

Requirements: Vidal’s tubes, widal’s test tube racks, 2cc and 5cc graduated pipettes, saline solution, serum containing agglutinins, salmonella o-antigun.

Procedure: Arrange several widal’s tube in a rack and number them 1 to 7 pipette into each tube 0.5cc saline solution (since electrolyte is must for agglutinin) Add 0.5cc of serum containing agglutinins (diluted 1:30) to tubue,Mix by dooming the contents into pipette and expelling. Repeat 2-3 times; withdraw 0.5cc from tube and transfer to tube 2-mix as before. Continue the transfer and mixing up to tube 6, withdraw 0.5cc from tube 6 and discovered it, Do not transfer any serum to tube 7, this serve as a control.
Add to each tube 0.5cc of 3 typhi o-antigen. Shake well to obtain a uniform suspension. Incubate the tubes in a water bath at 370c for 1 hours. Observe the tubes for agglutination. Note the highest dilution showing agglutination. Record your observations.
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