Dendritic cells origin and functions.

T-Lymphocytes and Dendritic cells are cells which form an adaptive immune system. Dendritic cells are white blood cells. Dendritic cells are lymphocytes. They originate from bone marrow lymphatic stem cells.

Dendritic cells functions:

Dendritic cells analyse pathogens or infection and present the information to B Cells in chemical signals and through serface receptors. They give the information to B-Cells giving detailed information about the antigen. The B Cells based on the information received from dendritic cells process production of antibodies against the pathogen. Bacteria virus or any other cells which are damaged due to parakite infested or virus infection. Dendritic cells are also called antigen presenting cells. Their job is just like a police officer, which presents criminals in the court. Dendritic cells present antigen to B Cells and immune system cells for activation of defense mechanisms. And initiate production of antibodies and phagocytosis.

Antibodies produced attach to pathogen surface and neutralize its toxic effect through cell disintegration phagocytosis.

The white blood cells and antibodies also harm our own body tissue. Such self damaging antibodies are termed as auto antibodies, and the disease caused by these autoantibodies is termed as Autoimmune disease.

Dendritic cells are located in the place in our body where there are chances of foreign matter like microorganisms and viruses may enter our body. For example: Gastric lining. Lungs, and oral cavity, bronchial tract. Skin epithelial tissue. Lining inside the nose.

Dendritic cells functions
Dendritic cells functions

Antigen Presentation to B-lymphocytes and Monocytes.

Dendritic cells along with antigen presentation, perform complex functions in inflammation, production of cytokine and type 1 interferons.

Diseases caused by dendritic cells over activation and suppression of activities of dendritic cells:

Dendritic cells over activation is found in case of allergic diseases like allergic rhinitis and Asthma. Over activation and accumulation of dendritic cells in lungs and mucosa lining result in damage to lungs. And the surrounding tissue due to activation of neutrophils and B-Lymphocytes, which is a process of development of the autoimmune disease.

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