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Checkweigher in pharma industry:

Checkweigher in pharma Industry an equipment which consists of a weighing scale which can be operated by installing a moving belt over the weighing scale, over which a product is carried over the weighing scale and the weight of the product is determined by weighing scale. The weighing scale in the Checkware operates in a dynamic manner, that is the weighing scale in the checkweigher is capable of reading the weight of a product while it is moving on the belt.

If we set a weight range within which we have to get the final product for packing, then in event if a product with less weight is carried over the weighing scale of a Checkware, the rejection arm system provided in almost all checkweighers remove the out of limit product from the moving scale by passing it out from the belt product is dropped by arm in a rejection bin.

Application and actual purpose of a checkweigher in pharma:

The main purpose of a checkweigher in the pharmaceutical industry is to identify the half-filled packs, which if not checked and removed may get packed and lead to market complaints. Such units of products are removed by checkweigher from the packing line.

In event a product with lower weight goes over the checkweigher the weighing balance in the Checkware identifies the weight and removes the product from the checkweigher. And even the product with higher weight than the permitted or set upper limit is removed or rejected by the checkweigher system.

The product with low weight is a risk hence rejected and collected in a separate bin. Products with higher weight are rejected and collected in a separate bin. This gives complete segregation of lower weight and higher weight products accountability and helps in reconciliation of the batch being packed.

Chechkweigher in Pharma
Chechkweigher in Pharma

Application objective of checkweigher in pharma Industry: The main objective of a checkweigher in pharma industry is to identify incompletely filled product pack, product with half-filled pack. The checkweigher is not meant for identifying the lower weight packs. Accuracy of a checkweigher is in the range of 2 grams. Because the weight that is displayed on the checkweigher is a dynamic weight, there are chances that the same product will show little variation in the weight if it is weighed over a static balance. This is because the weight on checkweigher is done on a weighing scale when the product is moving over a belt over the weighing scale, this is called dynamic weight.

How to install a checkweigher in  pharmaceutical packing?

Checkweigher pharma Industry in the packing line is set by placing at an appropriate place in the line, the balance must operate without any variation and should not give reading in the moving belt. The checkweigher should not touch the other packing belt; a slight gap is maintained and the noise and vibrations of other belts or equipment is not passed over the checkware.

Adjust the levels of all legs by using the spirit level, so that the center of the gravity is maintained the same all over the equipment, which is important in weighing scales to determine accurate weight.

How to set upper limit and lower limit for checkware in pharmaceuticals.

For an example the net content of a product is 100 gm, and the allowable tolerance is 2 gm, take weight of 10 empty product containers with closing lids etc. and verify the variance in the individual empty pack, is 3 gm, then this variance should be considered during the actual setting of the upper and lower limit over the checkware. The variance will be 5 gm up from the average weight. or the Minima, and 5 gm less from the maxima. It’s better to consider the average of the filled unit. And verify with minima+5 and maxima-5 the weight range should only reject the lower and higher weight packs.

Rejection handling of product rejected over a checkware:

Weight rejections can be verified and adjusted for weight and packed.

In the next post we will discuss the following topics, Important points to consider for procurement of a checkweigher system for pharmaceutical packing.

Installation qualification of a Checkware:

Operation Qualification of a Checkware:

Process qualification of a Checkware:

What is dynamic compensation in a checkware?

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