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Document Control System in a Pharmaceutical Company

Documentation control In a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company  Standard operating procedure is the originator of the documents, in a standard operating procedure instructions are provided for doing an activity. In the same SOP a format is provided for monitoring the parameters of the activity with time etc. This is there in the SOP at the end […]

Quality management system in Pharmaceutical Company

Quality management system in a pharmaceutical manufacturing company What is quality management system QMS in pharma company? Following functions all together when driven together forms, every function is more or less interlinked or impacting other, therefore systematic operating of every function is important to achieve compliance and quality aspects as defined in guidelines of regulatory […]

Important aspects of Deviation how to handel

What you should know for effective handling deviations in a pharmaceutical company Definition of Deviation: Any observed and non-observed departure of value or an event or procedure or action from set parameter, written and approved standards or acceptable limits or statements is called as deviation. If someone do not follow or finds a difference in […]

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