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Live bacteria Virus used for treatment of diseases

Do you know that there are some diseases which can only be treated by injecting live bacteria and virus at the point of disease. Bladder Cancer treatment with live atenuated microorganisms Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG).  Gene Therapy assited by live virus vector, Novel Drug Delivery System. One of such disease is bladder cancer which is treated […]

Yoga boost immunity against Corona Virus Infection

How to protect yourself from recurrent serge of Corona Verients?  Yoga Pranayam Make Lungs Stronger and Benifits Protecting body from Infections like Corona virus. Yoga boost immunity against corona Infection. We have seen Millions of people lost their lives to Corona Virus Pandemic.Which started in 2019 in China and after claiming life of millions of […]

USFDA approves New Drug for treatment of Clostridioides difficile infection

Novel drug Rebyota for treatment of Clostridioides difficile infection  USFDA have approved first of its kind new drug for treatment of Clostridioides difficile infection. The drug is used as microbial inoculam in rectum, drug Rebyota is made from the fecal matter donated by healthy volenteers, it consists of microbial microbiota which help in supression of […]

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