Autoimmune Diseases

May 21, 2023
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Autoimmune diseases and treatments.

Autoimmune response, before understanding the Autoimmune Diseases let’s first understand what is an immune response. Whenever a foreign protein (Antigen) eneters in to blood cerculation in our body, our bodys white blood cells identify them as threats and start immune response against these foreign protein bacterial or fungal or may be from any other tissues like cancer cells.

Antibodies are produced against them and these Antibodies bind to the foreign protein or bacterial fungal or cancer cells. After Antibodies binding these antigens are distroyed by cell lysis or enzymatic hydrolysis or preventing these bacterial fungal cell from entering in to human cells.

Some times white blood cells memory cells recognise our bodys protein as foreign protein as foreign antigen. Also the organ from where protein arised is also recognised as foreign antigen.
Our humoral immune system trigger formation of antibodies against our body tissue. These antibodies bind to the organ and distroy the organs capability to function. This event cases a disease condition, which is known as autoimmune disorder or Autoimmune Disease.
Examples of autoimmune disease are many like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus,pancreatic damage leading to diabetes. Inshort the Autoimmune response  is self distructive immune response. They need to be treated with drugs and which supresses Immunity.

Provide the list of drugs used to treat autoimmune disorder with specific use.

Stemcell Therapy and Gene therapy are the two main treatment options which provides relief from autoimmune responses by eliminating the root cause by replenishing the defective white blood cells memory cells with newly implanted stem cells.

There are many drugs which  provides relief from autoimmune responses. Like hydrocortisone and immunomodulating drugs.

lupus erythematosus


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