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Air Handling Systems, Heating,Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Part 2: Components


In the following topics, we will study the components of air handling systems in order to:
become familiar with the components
know their functions
become aware of possible problems
Main subsystems
Overview components
Components (1)
Weather louvre :-To prevent insects, leaves, dirt and rain from entering
Silencer:-To reduce noise caused by air circulation
Flow rate controller :-Automated adjustment of volume of air (night and day, pressure control)
Control damper :-Fixed adjustment of volume of air
Components (2)
Heating unit:-To heat the air to the proper temperature
Cooling unit /dehumidifier:-To cool the air to the required temperature or to remove moisture from the air
Humidifier:-To bring the air to the proper humidity, if too low
Filters :-To eliminate particles of pre-determined dimensions and/or micro-organisms
Ducts:-To transport the air
General Problems which arises with components
Flow rate controller:-Blocked
Control damper:-Poorly adjusted, bad pressure differential system
Humidifier:-Bad water/steam quality/poor drainage
Cooling battery:-No elimination of condensed water/poor drainage
Filters:-Incorrect retention rate/damaged/badly installed
Ducts :-Inappropriate material/internal insulator leaking

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