A Pharmaceutical exceipent Beta Cyclodextrin being used in a life saving treatment

Novel use of Beta Cyclodextrin , it will be directly delivered in brain to save life of twin girls suffering from serious neurological disease

A Pharmaceutical exceipent Beta Cyclodextrin being used in a life saving treatment

Beta Cyclodextrin’s unique properties , we have already discussed these properties in our earlier post .
US FDA has first time ever in history has approved an IND where beta cyclodextrin will be delivered directly in to brain for treating two tween girls suffering from Niemann Pick Type C Disease with the hope of saving their life.

Beta Cyclodextrin a sugar polymer which is used in pharmaceuticals food and cosmetics in many form to make a novel drug delivery systems to make an drug readily absorbable by making a drug otherwise poor soluble in to a freely soluble drug in biological membranes.

Beta Cyclodextrin will be utilized in providing a life saving treatment at Children’s Hospital Oakland California. Two tween girls are suffering from Niemann Pick Type C Disease Known as “childhood Alzheimer’s a neurological disease condition which causes severe dementia and other debilitating symptoms in children, Doctors will be administering Beta Cyclodextrin Trappsol® Cyclo™ (Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin or HPßCD) into the brains of six year old identical twin girls, in an attempt to arrest a progressive and fatal neurological condition.

Earlier doctors administered Beta Cyclodextrin Trappsol® Cyclo™ in to bloodstreams of these tweens but Beta Cyclodextrin did not cross the blood brain barrier , but did showed some improvement from ataxia , hence to make Cyclodextrin Trappsol® Cyclo available to tissue in brain , Doctors are going to deliver Beta Cyclodextrin Trappsol® Cyclo directly in to brain.
Beta Cyclodextrin is rapidly removed out from body after injection , but its property to form a soluble complex with other peptides and lipids will take away toxic molecules responsible for progression of Niemann Pick Type C Disease out of brain, we fell doctors will be successful in their goal.

One behalf of all readers of this blog we pray to God to make these doctors successful.

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